Material description: 

Base: chrome, painted grey, white, black or Inspiring Colours.
Felt glides, row connection.
The form-pressed seat and backrest: birch or colour laminate (red, blue, yellow, white and grey), or natural birch.
Upholstered seat cushion also available.

Fabric consumption: 

0.5 m / 2 pcs



storage trolley


Grip is a playful, light and sturdy general purpose chair with a sled base. Its fresh colour scheme offers many opportunities for interior decoration. The Grip chair is stackable and, with the optional storage trolley, is easy to move.

The name Grip comes from the innovative way the chairs grip the tabletop. The chair can be hung from the tabletop from its backrest without a separate fitting.

Although Mikko Halonen originally designed the Grip series for schools, it is also very suitable for offices. The Grip series includes chairs and tables for many purposes.

Product code: 


Stackability (floor & wagon): 

OT0017A Wagon max 16 pcs. OT0017AC Wagon max 12 pcs.