Material description: 

Base: chrome, painted grey, white, black or Inspiring Colours.
Row connection available.
The form-pressed seat and backrest in laminate: oak or birch pattern, white, grey, green, orange and turquoise.
Upholstered seat cushion also available.

Fabric consumption: 

0.5 m / 2 pcs



Felt glides, row connection and a transport trolley.

Environmental information

Environmental product card: 

Grip NxT is the updated version of the popular Grip series. Both its look and its laminate colour scheme have been refreshed. Grip Nxt is a playful, light and sturdy general purpose chair with a four-leg base. The Grip NxT chair is stackable and a storage trolley is also available.

The name of the series, Grip, comes from the innovative way the chairs grip the tabletop. The chair can be hung from a tabletop using its backrest without a separate fitting. There are two backrest heights in the Grip NxT series. The chair with the high backrest can easily be moved with one hand with the useful ‘lifting hole’ in the backrest. The lower backrest allows even the youngest pupils to reach over a hanging chair to place their belongings or trays on the table.

Mikko Halonen originally designed the Grip series for schools, but it is equally suitable for working environments. The Grip series includes chairs, stools and tables.

Product code: 

NxT0011(C) = high backrest with lifting hole
NxT0011M(C) = low backrest
C = upholstered seat


Can be hung without a separate fitting.

Stackability (floor & wagon): 

OT0011(M): Trolley max 25 pcs.OT0011C(M): Trolley max 20 pcs.