Material description: 

Base: chrome, painted grey, white, black or Inspiring Colours.
The form-pressed seat and backrest in laminate: oak or birch pattern, white, grey, green, orange and turquoise.
Upholstered seat cushion also available.

Fabric consumption: 

0.4 m / 2 pcs

Environmental information

Grip NxT is the updated version of the popular Grip series. Both its look and its laminate colour scheme have been modernised. Stools with a four-leg base also were added to the collection. The Grip NxT stool's compact size and two different heights mean that they easily fit into different types of spaces.

The name of the series, Grip, comes from the innovative way the chairs grip the tabletop. The stools can be hung from a tabletop without a separate fitting. The stools are also stackable, which makes them suitable for spaces that need to be easily modifiable.

Mikko Halonen originally designed the Grip series for schools, but it is equally suitable for working environments. The Grip series includes chairs, stools and tables.

Product code: 

NxT0045(C) = low
NxT0065(C) = high
C = upholstered seat


Can be hung without a separate fitting.