Material description: 

Backrest and seat: white, red, blue or yellow laminate, or birch high pressure laminate.
Frame: painted steel, grey.
Base: black, castors or glides.
Measurements: width 42 cm (base 64 cm), depth 48 cm, sitting height 40 - 53 cm, height 70-83 cm.
Height adjustment with gas spring.

Standard SFS-EN1729-1 has been consulted in design and dimensioning. Fulfils test requirements of the standard SFS-EN1729-2.

Trivia chair with castors suits school children of all sizes because its design supports the sitter and its height can be easily adjusted for different-sized users. The castors and height adjustment promote active sitting.

The Trivia chair has been made from especially durable high-pressure laminate. The Trivia desk and chair have been designed to go together.

Product code: 



Sitting height 40 - 53 cm.

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