Material description: 

Table top diameters (Aktiv OP850): 85, 105 or 120 cm.
Table tops (Aktiv OP860): 140x70, 180x70, 120x80, 140x80, 160x80, 180x80 cm.
Top materials: birch, beech, oak, laminated.
Laminates: birch, beech, grey, middle grey.
Base: grey or chromed.
Fixed height 72 cm.



Aktiv OP850: Hanging support 321RL for one chair, black.
Aktiv OP860: Hanging support OPTR7/OPTR8 for two chairs, black.

The Aktiv series includes general purpose tables that are very suitable for school cafeterias, for example. There are two optional desktops: a rectangular one and a round one, with several size options.

The adjustable Aktiv series chairs are suitable for children from 7 to 18 years of age. The sturdy and durable Aktiv tables are available in three models including a folding table and a school desk.

The Aktive series also includes a chair that matches the tables.

The Aktive series also includes several school desks and a chair.

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