Asset management is a central part of responsible and cost-efficient business. The Dynamic Asset Management service supports a company’s business by simplifying furniture management and reporting.

The service allows the lifespan of fixed assets to be monitored better than ever before, all the way from investment planning to recycling. The service collects all furniture information in one location and supports the functions related to other equipment over its entire lifespan. The Dynamic Asset Management service makes furniture information accessible to the people who need it. The service can be used with any browser, including on mobile devices.

The key benefits of the Dynamic Asset Management service are:
• Makes it easier to carry out workspace changes and to manage furniture.
• Helps to make smarter investment decisions and to make budgeting easy.
• Significantly accelerates inventory decisions.
• Management costs will fall, as less time and resources are needed in searching for information and planning the changes.
• Reminds about scheduled maintenance of the equipment and makes it possible to submit fault notifications.
• Supports the realization of responsible asset management and the circular economy.
• Enables the management of all assets, from office furniture to production equipment.
• Bar code, QR code, and RFID and NFC identifiers make it easier to identify individual pieces of furniture.
• Easy introduction in conjunction with the inventory, furnishing or removal.

The Dynamic Asset Management service helps in workspace change and in avoiding the renewal of costly investments and the creation of unnecessary waste. It helps lengthen the lifespan of furniture and so avoid unnecessary investments. Your company’s furniture is always where it is needed, and nothing is purchased without an actual need.

The Dynamic Asset management service is produced in collaboration with Trail Systems Oy, a Finnish company specialized in the development and production of cost-efficient asset management solutions.