Martela’s Dynamic Asset Management Service saves your time and money and adds a new dimension to our range of services for your premises.

The service allows you to track the complete life cycle of your fixed assets better than ever before. It keeps all asset information in one place and gives transparency in asset-related operations. The Assets Management Service enables you to make better investment decisions with better asset data and it improves your furniture and asset usage. Your assets will be monitored via a cloud-based database according to location, department, cost centre or purchase date, for instance.

It is possible to mark assets with a barcode or RFID labels, which minimizes losses and saves time in identifying items. It is also possible to quickly make use of all the information concerning your furniture and update the information easily. The service supports mobile devices.

Martela's Dynamic Asset Management Service supports your business needs:
• Management, follow-up and further reporting are simpler as all furniture data in all locations is brought together with other asset data in a single system.
• Management costs will fall, as less time and resources are needed in searching for, planning and implementing changes: improved processes and fewer operative staff.
• The asset lifecycle will be visible; no unnecessary investments.
• Unnecessary purchases and storage needs will be reduced, and the amount of surplus furniture can be reduced as necessary.
• Systematic servicing can extend the life of furniture items and reduce the need to purchase new items.
• Changes can be planned before implementing them. Budgeting will be more accurate when future purchase and servicing costs can be foreseen more reliably.