Our Inspiring Workshops services support user-oriented design, controlled management of changes and fluent introduction for the new type of working environments. In our workshops we familiarise your employees with the new way of working and provide them with the opportunity to find out what it is like to work in an activity-based office in practice. Our group tasks help to deal with concerns related to the change and involve the personnel in a concrete way in the planning of the new facilities.

Workshops can be organised at different stages when the changes are being made to the working environment:

During the workplace specification phase, in addition to collection of information, it is important for the users of the facilities to be involved in the changes and to be familiarised with the new opportunities for working. This has huge impact on improving the efficiency of work and wellbeing at work, and on supporting change management.

It is a good idea to arrange design workshops for user groups, which help to involve them in the interior design with verbal and visual group tasks that support various spaces. This enables the user groups to produce ideas for new ways of working and the activity-based office solutions that provide the best support.

We recommend that user groups are involved in the creation of common rules, in connection with the implementation phase. The workshop will help the user groups to commit to a new way of working and to the use of common rules to support this.

Our Inspiring Workshops services include the preparation and facilitation of the workshops, support materials and a summary. Workshops can be held at Martela House, where participants can find out more about the new activity-based environment, also in practice. We also organise Pop-up workshops to support the changes to be made, if required.

The Inspiring Workshops
• Support working environment change management
• Commit everyone to the changes and the positive effects
• Involve and commit participants to a sense of community and working together
• Enable the understanding of new opportunities
• Make it possible to adopt the new way of working
• Provide everyone with the opportunity to offer their opinion
• Improve workflow, satisfaction, wellbeing at work and inspire