A user-centric learning environment that updates to meet your needs.

Is your current learning environment functional? Do the spaces support your operating culture and needs? Is it pleasant and efficiently used? Does your current learning environment serve constantly changing ways of teaching and learning?

The operating culture at educational institutes is radically changing and teaching and learning methods are increasingly varied. New practices and methods also require a new type of learning environment. Its renewal should be done in a user-centric and participatory way.

Schools and learning environments have traditionally been designed to last for decades. However, the current speed of change means it is difficult to predict when and how ways of teaching and learning will change and what demands this will place on learning environments.

Martela’s new Learning environment as a Service model is a solution to this challenge. It enables educational institutes to create easily modifiable, versatile learning and teaching environments that adapt to the users’ individual needs. The service includes continuous optimisation of the learning environment. Martela’s Learning environment as a Service ensures your learning environment is always at its best.

Benefits of the Learning environment as a Service model:
• The learning environment is tested, evaluated and developed continuously.
• The learning environment is created based on the users and their experiences.
• Productivity improves and so does the ability to innovate.
• User experience improves as the operating and learning culture is renewed.
• Budgeting becomes easier thanks to predictable and controllable total costs.
• Allows also to purchase furniture as a service.