All sizes of company removals from beginning to end from one single place.

Martela handles the entire removal and workplace implementation project for you. A flexible and trouble-free move requires a lot of work in advance and considerable coordination. When you choose Martela as your partner, we take care of everything – not simply the move itself, but also work such as the inventory compilation, furniture purchasing, responsible recycling and timetabling, all of which require a lot of time and professional expertise. And it’s easy to arrange all this with just one phone call and through a single contact at Martela!

We take care of the time-tables and ensure that the quality of the service and the quality of work is always first class.

Our brisk and experienced moving personnel make the removal work smoothly and professionally - causing the least possible disturbance to work. As separately agreed afterwork we assemble, install and adjust both the new or existing furniture and take care that your employees ergonomics is immediately at an excellent level. Final cleaning ensures comfortable facilities and elimination of dust caused by the removal.

• Planning, organisation and implementation from a single supplier
• A single contact person is responsible for your project
• A successful, trouble-free move to new operating premises
• We can also take care of personnel moves abroad
• Further furniture items easily obtained from us
• Recycling is an integral part of our service
• Removals supplies (crates, etc.) conveniently from the same supplier
• You save time and trouble