Visual ergonomics

Three quarters of Finnish workers use computer regularly. Office work is visually demanding and it is important to set up work environment for maximum visual comfort and thus decrease eye strain, neck, head and shoulder pains. Placement of the top of the monitor  should be a bit below your eye level when you are looking straight ahead. Monitor should be tilted with no disturbing reflections from the lights or the window.

How much light you need depends on what you are doing. People working with paper have different needs than those using only computers, for example. Lighting needs can differ depending on the age of the people using the space, too. The older we get, the more light we need. Proper lighting is critical for a comfortable and productive work environment. It is important that the general lighting provide effective illumination for most workers in an area, desk lamp is for individual use and adjustment. Light creates also atmosphere and helps balance office environments. The energy efficiency of different lighting choices is a factor as well.

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