Material description: 

Legs, seat and backrest: formpressed birch or beech veneer.
Lower frame parts: massive wood.

K21: basic model (K21C =upholstered seat, K21BC= upholstered seat and back inside); width 55, depth 56, height 85, sitting height 45.
K25: handgrip and castors in front legs; width 61, depth 56, height 85, sitting height 45.

Fabric consumption: 

K21/K25 seat 2 pcs/ 0.63 m
K21/K25 back 2 pcs/ 0.47 m


The Kaisa chair has been designed for care facilities. The seat has a moisture barrier and quick-release fasteners for ease of care. An upholstered cushion is available for the backrest.

The wheels and handles of the Kaisa chair improve the work ergonomics of care staff.

Product code: 

K21, K21C, K21BC, K25, K25C, K25BC