Material description: 

Seat: birch or oak, standard stained alternatives (black, white) on birch.
Alternatives: without upholstery, seat upholstered, backrest and seat upholstery or moist protected seat cushion.


Test reports: 

Environmental information

Carbon footprint: 
Plus+ 2731/KO/KO: 4.4 kg CO2e
Environmental product card: 

The Plus+ chair is available without upholstery or with various upholstery options. The Plus+ chair always has long wooden armrests.

The details of the Plus+ furniture have been designed for the demands set by old age and impaired mobility. The chairs are easy to sit down in and no help is needed to get up from them.

Jukka Setälä based his Plus+ series design on the design-for-all principle. The furniture is very comfortable and safe to use, but also stylish and well-proportioned. Moreover, it meets all special requirements and has passed stringent tests. Physical frailty does not prevent people from appreciating beauty.

Plus+ is a series of eight variable pieces of furniture, including a wooden chair with armrests, an easy chair with a low or high backrest, sofas seating two or three, a rocking chair, two sofa tables and a dining table. Round wooden legs and elegance create the harmonious look that encompasses the Plus+ series.

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