Material description: 

Legs, seat and backrest: formpressed birch, stained birch or beech veneer.
Lower frame parts: firm massive wood.
Options: upholstered seat and back, upholstered seat and wooden back.
The upholstery is detachable and includes moisture cover.

Fabric consumption: 

S50C: 2 pcs / 0.35 m
S50BC: 2 pcs / 0.53 m


Test reports: 

Salus 50 is a special chair for welfare purposes. It has wheels in the front legs, and handles for the assistant. Therefore Salus 50 has optimal ergonomics for various care environments.

There are two Salus chair models, developed on the basis of Kari chairs especially for care facilities.

The rounded armrests provide the finishing touch to the comfort of this chair. The chair has a moisture barrier and the upholstery is secured with an elastic fitting and quick-release mountings.

Product code: 

S50BC = Salus S50 with upholstered seat and back
S50C= Salus S50 with upholstered seat and wooden back