Workplace maintenance

Organisations and ways of working are undergoing a continuous change. In order to achieve optimum user experience and utilisation rate, each company should review how the working environment is supporting the current way of working on a regular bases and do the required adjustments. Here we at Martela are happy to help. The changes are not necessarily big but they can have a big effect on employee efficiency and wellbeing.

Measured utilisation rates form the basis of the workspace plan for the work environment. Usage reports on desks, meeting rooms and other facilities should be analysed to understand how the facilities are actually used. These analyses help companies identify potential cost savings and design work environments based on their actual need for space.

Measuring User Experience
Martela Dynamic Workplace utilization measurement service
Furniture User Guidance
Martela Dynamic Asset Management Service
Product Care
Furniture Recycling
Furniture Warehousing
Furniture Rental and Leasing


The Martela Lifecycle model reduces customers’ facility expenses and increases job satisfaction. In addition to bringing cost savings, it improves productivity – permanently.

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