We define, plan, implement and maintain workplaces that are cost effective and most of all, support the wellbeing of their users.
The nature of knowledge work has changed a lot in a short period of time. With our new, innovative solutions we support the new way of working while ensuring a high utilisation rate of the workspace.
User driven design is the bases of our solutions. That is how we create workplaces that enhance wellbeing and productivity. Comfortable workspaces bring happiness and energy to the working day.
Corporate responsibility is built through working environments. Sustainable choices and taking into account the lifecycle of the solutions are just some of the ways in which we can support your company's responsibility. We want to make sure that everyone has a safe working environment that supports wellbeing.

Pohjolan Voima renewed the company's working methods and wanted to increase staff interaction and openness when creating their activity based office.

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What will the future office be like? Will it be a sci-fi environment full of robots doing our job for us? Or will it be our second home with all its amenities? In her blog post, Minna Andersson shares her vision of our workplace to be.

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The Martela Lifecycle model reduces customers’ facility expenses and increases job satisfaction. In addition to bringing cost savings, it improves productivity – permanently.

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Everyone, no matter what they do or what they're like, should have a decent place to work - we are pleased to help making people's workspaces nicer for them.

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Airports, libraries, concert halls, restaurants... there are many public spaces around the city where we go to meet people, to relax and to work. For these public interiors, we offer inviting solutions.

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Learning is lifelong, and it starts in schools. This is why the space it happens in needs to support the discovery of knowledge and creation of ideas.

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Our Inspiring Welfare solutions are designed for both people who need help and the professionals serving them. It is important to us that the healthy, caring, and clean environments we provide are inspiring, and especially so for this part of the population.

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