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What's the difference between activity-based and open office ?


In an open plan office people work on designated workstations in an open area.

Activity-based office is made up of different areas for different activities. Activity based offices should always be planned with the needs of the organisation and the users of the office in mind. For this reason, there can never be two identical activity-based offices. In an activity-based office there can be both designated desks and free seating. There can be open plan areas and rooms as well as many diffrent types of meeting areas.

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Winning companies are made of happy employees

The best workplaces are created for their users. The better a workplace facilitates work and interaction, the happier its users are with their facilities. A good workplace makes the organisation more productive, attractive and competitive.

In a successful organisation, the management realises the potential of workplace as a management tool. The best workplaces encourage employees always to give their best.


• Increasing their productivity

• Reducing their office costs by as much as 50%

• Improving their employees’ well-being at work


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