Material description: 

Seat upholstered, base black.
Screen fully upholstered.

Fabric consumption: 

Sofa 389: 8.6 m
Screen 787: 4.0 m
Screen 789: 4.0 m
Seat 1: 1.6 m
Seat 2: 3.2 m
Seat 3: 2.9 m
Seat 4: 1.6 m

Environmental information

Diagonal is an innovative combination of sofa and space divider. Diagonal is easy to create into a relaxed environment for small conferences or for a lobby layout.

Of the four sofa elements, one is slightly higher than the others and offers a place for a laptop, for example.

Diagonals can be combined to create striking and stylish layouts. Change the places of the sofa elements and the space dividers, and there are almost limitless combinations available.

Product code: 

389 = seating island
787 = low screen
789 = high screen