Martela offers not only an excellent range of furniture for work environment remodelling projects, but also a full selection of the services you need over the lifecycle of your premises – and all on the one-stop shop principle! You can trust our wealth of experience and expertise to ensure first-class results, whether you have a one-off project or longer-term collaboration with us. And because we focus on quality results for your work environment, you can concentrate on your core tasks.

Our Service portfolio varies from market to market. Please consult the local Martela websites for services available in your country.


Our ability to carry out and manage work environment remodelling projects of all sizes is something that companies have relied on for many years. Our comprehensive selection of products and services designed to support your business will help at every stage in the lifecycle of your premises, covering everything from the design of new spaces to recycling furniture that’s no longer needed.



  • Comprehensive services covering all lifecycle stages of your premises
  • Products, services and project management from a single supplier
  • Top quality results delivered on time
  • Solutions that support your business and enhance efficiency and satisfaction


Our planning and design service helps in remodelling projects and in creating new inspiring spatial solutions. Together with you, our specialist finds out what are the needs and creates a solution that is perfect for your company. This ensures an ideal end result that supports the workflow, ergonomics, well-being and therefore also your business. The kind of an environment that makes work inspiring every day.

Space and Interior Design



Nothing creates stress quite like a workplace remodelling project that’s not going well. Minimise anxiety with Martela: we can supply everything from renovation services to removals and furniture installation, all on a one-stop shop basis. We ensure deadlines are met and the quality of our products and services is always first class, so you can continue working throughout the project, focusing on your key tasks.

Office Redecorating





Our services are designed to help you throughout the lifecycle of your premises. By creating and managing solutions that suit your organisation exactly, we make sure your work spaces are attractive and comfortable and support your business for the whole life cycle of the premises. If you wish, we can also manage your fixed assets, bringing together all your furniture data in one system and keeping you up to date with the condition of your work environment at all times.

Without care and attention, even the best work environment won’t stay in shape. That’s why Martela offers all the maintenance services you need, from servicing and repairs to reporting and storage of surplus furniture. With our services you can be sure your premises are always in top condition and right for your needs. The result? Happy employees and a positive experience for your customers.

Space Maintenance Service

Product Care

Furniture User Guidance

Furniture Rental and Leasing

Furniture Warehousing

Fixed Assets Management



Recycling doesn’t just mean placing a rubbish skip outside your building. In today’s world it means sorting products and materials no longer used and reusing them elsewhere, either as they are or by manufacturing new products. On your behalf we see to the planning, furniture collection and all necessary further measures, including reporting. You can rest assured the furniture will either find a new life via Martela Outlet stores, or the materials will be reused. What’s more, you save money by avoiding waste disposal charges.

Furniture Recycling


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