Material description: 

Seat upholstered, base black.
Table top white laminate with white base.
Screen fully upholstered.

Fabric consumption: 

2.7 m



Electricity outlet, whiteboard.


Test reports: 

Environmental information

Carbon footprint: 
Podmeeting 2982M middle element: 23.5 kg CO2e

PodMeeting provides a private and comfortable meeting space for activity based offices. The table has an optional power outlet and a whiteboard.

Various upholstery materials can be used to add character to the space.

The Pod product family designed by the o4i Design Studio also includes PodSofa, which seats two, PodMeeting and PodWork workstations.

Product code: 

2982M = fully upholstered screen with table
EL = power outlet
G = whiteboard