Environmental Impact of Furniture


Martela offers its customers in Finland not only inventories of used furniture in good condition and their inclusion in new interior designs, but also a recycling service for used furniture. Good-condition furniture is made available to customers, after cleaning and refurbishment, at the nearest nationwide Outlet store. The most demanding refurbishment tasks are concentrated in the Riihimäki logistics center. Almost 0.6 million kilograms of used furniture were reported as having been restored and sold by the Martela recycling service in the Helsinki metropolitan area and the Häme and Pirkanmaa regions in 2011. The statistics include free-standing office furniture, excluding for example electrical and electronic equipment as well as mixed construction waste.    More than half of all furniture sold by the Martela Outlet chain in 2011 was totally or partly recycled furniture, while the rest comprised unused furniture such as various factory items, discontinued products, old models and special Outlet items. Approximately 0.4 million kilograms of used furniture found a new user through the Outlet chain. Our material recycling partner received more than 0.2 million kilograms of furniture unfit for refurbishment. Of that material 61% was recovered as wood fractions, 22% as metal and 17% was used for energy production. The statistics excluded regional scrapping done at the Nummela logistics center and, for example, WEEE scrap, which is handled through partners.