People have very different duties and work in varied environments but they are all entitled to an inspiring work space, and healthy life. It is not merely about walls and furniture but about wellbeing and ergonomics. Well planned working environment makes the work easier and help in attaining goals - a person will feel that the space was designed specifically for him/her.

Ergonomics was commonly thought narrowly in terms of interactions among humans and products. But ergonomics is more and more part of the holistic way of designing working environments, services or processes. By improving those aspects employee  wellbeing, loyalty and productivity increase, while sick leave expenses and work-place accidents decrease.

Wellness at work is a key interest at Martela. Research consistently shows that the right workplace environment can help create a positive sense of the world for the people who use it. The ergonomic factors of each space can make it more than just a place to work

Martela has been working in the field of workspace ergonomics for over sixty years to ensure your office environment has been designed to reduce the risk of injury and maximize physical and mental benefits.

Work environment


Visual ergonomics

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Following the principles of workspace ergonomics below can help reduce injury and boost your physical and mental wellbeing to ensure that your time spent at the office contributes to your healthy lifestyle.

Adjusting your workstation correctly