Material description: 

Left handed door.
Glass: Double glazing 5+5. Sound insulation film.
Walls and Roof: Stainless steel. Multi layered (6) structures ensuring echo free space.
Door and frames: white Formica laminate on birch plywood or option colors.
Exterior wall color glossy white or optional colors or brushed stainless steel.
Interior grey acoustic felt.
Antistatic and stain resistant carpet grey.

Adjustable seat: Kvadrad remix 2, Wool Light Grey 123 fabric.
Optional seat colors available on request.
Table: White Formica laminate on birch plywood or option colors.
Wide table 75 x 30 x 12 cm, height 107 cm.
Electric socket.

Outside measures: 100 x 100 x 221 cm.
Door: 84 cm, requires +90 cm. Left handed door.
Inside measures: 80 x 95 x 200 cm.
Weight: 350 kg.

Integrated tilting screen bracket of Framery Video O enables the attachment of various kinds of screens on the wall of the pod. Screen maximum size 24" with flat VESA 100 x 100 mounting surface.
Note: screen not included!

Air circulation fans located on top of the booth. Stand by - function, 25 % power on, when booth is empty.
Air channels inside floor and roof modules.
Occupancy sensor for LED lighting and air circulation.
Control panel enables to adjust the capasity of the airflow and the brightness of lights (around the screen and ceiling).
Levelling glides.



LAN cord (CAT6) 7 m as an option.

Framery Video O offers privacy for phone calls and video conferences in open plan and activity based offices. Due to its superior sound insulation, the booth can be placed even right next to a work station and its interior space is echo-free. The booth can easily be personalised to match the surrounding space by changing the colour of the outside walls, frames, upholstery of the seat and the table.

The video conference ready package includes the tilting screen bracket that can be attached to a variety of displays or for example to an all-in-one computer. LED lightning around the screen provides optimal lightning. Both the brightness of the light and the airflow intensity can be adjusted with the control panel.

Framery is a Finnish company doing close co-operation with Martela. Framery designs and manufactures closed, quiet spaces for modern working environments. Products are easy to assemble and relocate when necessary.

Framery products available only in the Nordic countries.