Corporate responsibility


Martela is committed to sustainability in everything it does. Corporate Responsibility is an essential part of our values, operating strategy and everyday actions on all levels of the organization.

For us responsibility means transparency, sustainability, respect for our environment, life cycle thinking and uncompromised user-driven approach in design and production, services that extend the lifespan of spaces and products, commitment to international agreements and recommendations, and looking after of our human resources and network of partners.

We look at sustainability through our promise, Inspiring Spaces. Our passion for innovation, which helps us build more and more inspiring workspaces for our clients, in turn help us to build a better tomorrow for everyone. Our solutions that increase productivity, work effectiveness and wellbeing promote responsible behaviour on both individual and organizational levels.



Management of sustainability

Corporate responsibility means that we take responsibility for the impact that the Martela have to the community, the environment and among our interest groups. Martela takes responsibility in total life cycle of the product: from product design and supply chain to production and customer service, maintenance service during the use time and finally when customer no longer needs the product with product recycling with emphasis in giving a furniture a new life.

Managing sustainability is normal everyday work. Corporate responsibility is part of Martela´s values, working principles and strategy.

In all our operations, we strictly comply with all laws and regulations related to us. We also take into account international agreements, commitments and recommendations relevant to our operations. Martela has adopted the following international commitments:


We have defined specific management principles for guiding our responsibility actions and the main guideline is our Corporate Code of Conduct (pdf).

We annually confirm our commitment to UN Global Compact initiative by reporting on our sustainability achievements. Our first Letter of Commitment was sent to UN already on 2011. Our annual Communication On Progress can also be found in UN Global Compact website.


Economic Responsibility

Economic responsibility at Martela means that we openly communicate our goals, operations and economic benefits to our stakeholders. It also means that we always comply with legislation, official requirements and stock exchange rules in all that we do. We responsibly and openly report our economic results, online and in Annual Report. And since 2011 we have also published a Responsibility Report according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) model: 


Financial statements and key figures can be found in Annual Reports

Responsibility plays a vital role also in our supply chain management. To guide this aspect, we have created some Principles that we have communicated to our key suppliers

Martela Sustainability Policy for Supply Chain (pdf)

Social Responsibility 

A good workplace is important for all of us and is part of our social responsibility.

In our workplace we comply with the ILO core conventions on labor rights. We respect international labor rights in our employment relationships, and we expect the same from our partners. Equality is something we value, and discrimination is not tolerated in our working community. These principles have been manifested in our People Policy (pdf).

In Martela scope of social responsibility includes also wellbeing of our customers employees. Interior design and especially user aspect involved with it has a major impact on work satisfaction. Martela is proud to help customers in their never-ending endeavour towards better interiors. Read more on increasing work satisfaction through interior design on our customer site

Read more about our aspects of Social Responsibility


Environmental Responsibility

We are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. We follow all applicable environmental regulations and we also promote environmental protection activities. Our environmental focus is on materials, energy, emissions, waste, and recycling services – both in our working environment and with our clients and partners. We offer sustainable solutions and products with the lowest possible lifetime environmental impacts.

Read more how Martela minimizes environmental impact or own processes and helps customers to diminish theirs: 


Environmental Certification

Martela’s management system has been awarded an ISO 14001 certification by independent party and our most important environmental principles are published in our Environmental Policy (pdf). 

Martela Group has a multi-site certification of quality and environmental management systems covering management, sales, marketing and customer-, consultative- and removals services for Martela Lifecycle solutions for offices and public premises. The certificate also includes sourcing, product development, testing, warehousing, delivery steering, production and remanufacturing of furniture for Martela Lifecycle solutions (Nummela Logistics Center), manufacturing of upholstered furniture subassemblies (Polish manufacturing plant) and the manufacture of laminate and melamine board components (Kitee's production plant).

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Quality and Environmental Management System Certificate (Martela Group and Kidex Oy) (pdf)

Möbelfakta and the Nordic Ecolabel

The environmental and sustainability aspects of products and services are becoming increasingly important sourcing criteria for many Martela customers. To enable responsible choices, Martela has applied for some of its products, third party granted labels, to help customers to choose products that meet their criteria.

Many Martela product carry the Möbelfakta environmental, quality and responsibility label awarded by the Swedish Furniture Industry (TMF). Martela has applied for the Swan label, the European first-class eco-label, for the eco versions of the most important tables and storage, with a limited range of colors and materials. You can find product listings here: and

Möbelfakta is the Swedish furniture industry's labeling of furniture that meets the high expectations of quality, environmental and social responsibility. The labeling is based on European quality and environmental standards, and the requirements of social responsibility follows the international guidelines. Möbelfakta updates the current criteria to meet increasing international requirements.

The Swan is the Nordic region's Official ecolabel and operated by country spesific organisations. A product labeled with the Swan has as little effect on the environment and the climate as possible. Product's environmental impact is examined throughout its life cycle from raw material to waste. The analysis covers both materials production and recycling. The requirements for Swan labeled products are continually being tightened with the ambition to achieve continuous improvement.

Stakeholder engagement

In order to improve our operations, we need information on our potential development areas. All feedback is important to us and we appreciate all the contacts also shortcomings in our accountability.

- To give us ideas to develop the content of our next responsibility report, please send us general information in an e-mail to responsibility(at) or answer our survey: Martela stakeholder engagement

- To inform us on the shortcomings in our health and safety procedures respond to our survey: HS observations in Martela Group  

- To make anonymous report on suspected infringements of the rules and regulations, please send e-mail to whistleblowing(at), fill in the form found on page Contact Us or respond to our survey: Whistleblowing channel 



Design From Finland mark

A range of Martela furniture and services that are especially distinguished in the field of design have been awarded with the Design from Finland mark. Association for Finnish Work recognises unique Finnish design with the label signifying that the company is a pioneer in investing in Finnish design. Find here all Martela products with the label

Design’s role in the Finnish economy and competitiveness is high. Finnish design history is built, above all, on products for home decoration, but now also services as well as functions in public sector are being designed. The Association for Finnish Work in an expert organisation whose mission is to promote Finnish work and success. The Association manages labels and home pages that support work in Finland.

The Association for Finnish Work’s Design from Finland mark communicates the message of unique design originating from Finland. The mark brings attention to pioneering businesses focusing on Finnish design as part of their operations and success.

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