Material description: 

The foam inside Puffet cushions is type HR50.

There are two colour versions of Puffet sets:
Touch-fabric, color of the edge and bottom is grey.
2 cushions in orange, green and fuchsia and 1 cushion in violet, turquoise and yellow.

Silvertex fabric, edge and bottom in all cushions is grey (Carbon).
3 cushions in each shade of grey (Carbon, Plata and Titanium).

Environmental information

Carbon footprint: 
Puffet OT99: 23.1 kg CO2e
Environmental product card: 

Puffet is nice set of small seat cushions, that fit well the different learning environments where a space for learning is set up anywhere. There are two colour versions of Puffet, the fresh and colourfull Colormix and the more discreet Grayscale.

The cushion is 38x38x6 cm in size.

Puffet set includes nine upholstered cushions, a felt underlay and fastening strap, that holds the set together.

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