Material description: 

Upholstery: fully upholstered.
Legs, wood: ash, stained ash or oak.
Legs, metal: black, white, chrome or Inspiring Colours.

Fabric consumption: 

331AA: 3.7 m, 332AA: 5.4 m, 334AAR/AAL: 4.6 m
331AAA: 5.2 m, 332AAA: 6.8 m, 334AAAR/AAAL: 6.0 m
335A45O: 4.6 m, 335A45I: 3.9 m, 335A60O: 4.4 m, 335A60I: 3.6 m, 335A90O: 5.4 m, 335A90I: 4.3 m
331BP1: 0.9 m, 331BP2: 0.8 m



331PS = decorative cushion, 67x42 cm
331PM = decorative cushion, 42x42 cm
331PL = decorative cushion, 50x50 cm


Test reports: 

Environmental information

Environmental product card: 

The sofa of the Nooa series offers a comfortable and cosy seat for the lobby and informal meeting areas in activity based offices. Its various alternatives make it possible to create many different combinations, and the option equipped with a screen provides a pleasant and private meeting space.

In addition to upholstery, you can choose from a selection of leg materials: besides wood there are altogether 92 Inspiring Colours to choose from.

Designed by Antti Kotilainen, the Nooa series features a large selection of different seats that can be easily combined, such as the classic sofa either straight or curved, a combination facing in various directions or a private armchair or sofa group. Cushions add cosiness and creata an relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The cushions are available in three different sizes.

Product code: 

331AA (W/S) = two-seater sofa without armrests
332AA (W/S) = two-seater sofa with armrests
334AAR (W/S) = two-seater sofa with right armrest
334AAL (W/S) = two-seater sofa with left armrest
331AAA (W/S) = three-seater sofa without armrests
332AAA (W/S) = three-seater sofa with armrests
334AAAR (W/S) = three-seater sofa with right armrest
334AAAL (W/S) = three-seater sofa with left armrest
335A45O (W/S) = 45° sofa without armrests and with outer backrest
335A45I (W/S) = 45° sofa without armrests and with inner backrest
335A60O (W/S) = 60° sofa without armrests and with outer backrest
335A60I (W/S) = 60° sofa without armrests and with inner backrest
335A90O (W/S) = 90° sofa without armrests and with outer backrest
335A90I (W/S) = 90° sofa without armrests and with inner backrest
339S1 = screen element, backrest unit
339E1 = screen element, armrest unit
331BP1 = backrest cushion rectangular, 67x44 cm
331BP2 = backrest cushion square, 50x50 cm
W = wooden legs
S = metal legs