Material description: 

Conforming with E0,5 requirements, the table tops are made of either particle board with a laminate coating or MDF board with birch, beech or oak veneered finish. The veneered surfaces have been lacquered. The standard laminates are birch, white and medium grey.

Base epoxy-lacquered steel in colour grey, white, black, chromed or Inspiring Colours.

* 100x60 cm is the smallest separate table for electrical legs.



CPU holders, acoustic products, wire accessories, table shelves, table screens, monitor arms, front panels, sorters.

Environmental information

Ecological features: 
Eco Alku tables with swan label available for limited size and material variations.
Environmental product card: 

The advanced electrically height-adjustable Alku work desk enhances wellbeing and provides optimal flexibility and individual adjustment for active working. The desk allows personalized settings in standing and sitting position and is always at the correct height whatever you are doing. Alku S&S is available with a 5-preset controller with display.

Electric desks allow active working and reduce the strain of office work. Varying your position during the day from sitting to half-sitting, or leaning to standing, increases efficiency, keeps you alert and reduces problems in the neck, back and the shoulder area. Easy height adjustment allows ergonomic working.

The Alku series of tables is solution for more efficient use of space and activities in hybrid offices. The series of tables has a simple look and it offers dozens of alternatives for various uses. The Alku-series also includes bench desks, different conference tables and standing height desks with two leg types.

The Alku sit-and-stand tables have been tested in accordance with the EN 527-3 standard, which means that they can withstand a weight of 75 kg at any location on the table and meet general adjustment range requirements.

Eco Alku tables with swan label available for limited size and material variations.


The desk is electrically adjusted. Stroke 650 mm, adjustment range 640-1290 mm.