Material description: 

5-star base: black aluminium or plastic, polished aluminium.
Armrests: upper part black, shaft black.
Seat and backrest: upholstered.
Plastic parts: black.

Fabric consumption: 

1.0 m / pcs



Telescopic or high column, foot ring, glides, soft or hard castors, Smart Active –feature, slimmer seat (6 cm) for Axia 2.2.


Test reports: 

New, updated, 2.0 series of Axia office chairs comprises three different models. The back cushions vary in height and are available in numerous fabrics and colours. The chair comes either with or without armrests.

An ergonomic Axia 2.0 office chair series has direct benefits. An Axia offers optimal support for back, neck, pelvis as well as arms and shoulders to prevent pain caused by prolonged sitting or sitting in a bad posture. Users will feel better and absenteeism will be decreased. At the end of the working day the employees go home fitter. New Axia ergonomic office chairs simply promote a healthier way of working.

The adjustment of the Axia chair is simple and intuitive - The adjustments have pictures on them and are placed within easy reach on both sides of the chair. The easily detachable and replaceable padding extends the chair’s useful life.

The new Axia 2.0 series of ergonomic office chairs has been honoured in 2014 with three international prestigious awards, namely the IF Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the Fira Ergonomics Excellence Award.


User instructions: 
Design awards: 

IF Award, the Red Dot Design Award, Fira Ergonomics Excellence Award.

Product code: 

1491 Axia 2.2 task chair, medium-height back, slim seat
1492 Axia 2.2 task chair, medium-height back, slim seat, multi armrests
1493 Axia 2.2 task chair, medium-height back
1494 Axia 2.2 task chair, medium-height back, multi armrests
1495 Axia 2.4 task chair, high back
1495N Axia 2.4 task chair, neck rest, high back
1496 Axia 2.4 task chair, high back, multi armrests
1496N Axia 2.4 task chair, neck rest, high back, multi armrests
R = with castors
N = with glides
S = Smart Active –function for Axia 2.2 and 2.5


Seat height and depth adjustment, seat and backrest tilt adjustment (separately, stepless), backrest height adjustment, swing function (stepless locking), tension control, armrest height, angle, depth and width adjustment.

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