Martela’s furniture rental and leasing helps you speed up the investment process and launch the necessary renewals without delay. We help you plan a tailored financing solution that best serves your current situation.

We offer solutions for office furniture rental, leasing and lifecycle rental.

Martela’s Lifecycle rental, for example, can be very flexible, such as this 36-month agreement:

The rent is fully deductible in taxation. You will only pay the rent for the agreed period for the right to use the furniture, ie. ownership constraints are removed.
Leasing payment is fully deductible in taxation. After the lease period, you will have the opportunity to redeem furniture at a predetermined price.

• The right solution at the right time
• Helps you to speed up the investment process
• Makes budgeting easier
• The investment booked money will be relized for more productive use
• Does not burden the company's liquidity
• Rent or lease payments are easy to adapt to seasonal fluctuations in the company's business
• Under this agreement, it is easy to update the furniture in the working environment

Lifecycle rental is a flexible rental model consisting of the Martela furniture and services, which covers the entire lifecycle of customer's work environment. After the lease period Martela either picks up or recycles furniture returned from the customer's premises or extends the lease.

• With the help of the fixed assets register you can monitor the entire lifecycle of the furniture until the abandonment
• The costs are divided over the rental period and you avoid any large initial investment
• Investments and the rational use of money
• Better Furniture Management efficiency and cost control
• Costs to be devided on the basis of the actual use, not for one cost center
• Fixed rental costs – easy to budget
• Easy and environmental friendly way to give up the furniture
• Rental is easy - financing is ready-made