About us

Martela is one of the Nordic leaders in the office interior industry. A passion to offer the best workplaces has been guiding the company for seventy years.

In addition to innovative and ergonomic furniture solutions Martela designs and implements various workplace related services.

Martela helps improve the employee wellbeing while at the same time increasing the space use efficiency in workplaces, schools and welfare environments.

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Martela designers

Martela has a strong international Interior Designer team that has broad experience of Workplace Planning.

Interior Designers

Martela furniture and services are designed with experience and expertise. In addition to our own Designers and Workplace Specialists we collaborate with numerous other renowned Designers.

Furniture and Service Designers


02.07.2018 Get a new Sola chair and get as comfy at work as at home

Home-like workplaces promote employees’ emotional and physical wellbeing. The wide range of Sola chairs is excellently suited to this trend, thanks to its design language and colour scheme. The Sola product family has been complemented with new lobby chairs and new features are also available for the Sola conference chairs.

20.06.2018 New meeting module Framery 2Q

Framery’s new model 2Q is designed for 4-6 people. It’s the best place to co-create and for meetings. A conference table with two height options is optimal for instance for laptop use. You can also choose the meeting module without any furniture.

04.06.2018 Employee wellbeing is only half the battle

The workplace is traditionally thought of as the place where we work, but these days, employee wellbeing and comfort are becoming increasingly established as values when it comes to planning offices. The employee experience is fundamentally important and is strongly linked to the customer experience, which is one of the most important competitive factors of our time. From the corporate management’s perspective, it is, however, also important to consider the workplace from another point of view, which will also offer measurable benefits for business.


Martela is growing and there are countless opportunities for you to realise your potential. Hundreds of employees choose to work at Martela because of the engaging job roles, great team spirit and the development opportunities they experience.

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At Martela, we have a strong desire to create solutions that genuinely support our customers’ operation, with quality visibly present both in the products we make and the way we operate.

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