Office furniture

Martela is a Finnish office furniture manufacturer who has been creating solutions for offices for over 60 years. 

We listen carefully to understand our clients' needs. We gather the data, then interactively plan what works best for them. Ergonomics, teamwork methods, and cultural differences are only a few of the factors we consider. In this way we exceed expectations with new, more Inspiring office solutions.
Everyone, no matter what they do or what they're like, should have a decent place to work - we are pleased to help making people's workspaces nicer for them.



Task chairs

A good task chair supports not only the person sitting on the chair, but also the work of the person sitting on the chair and the visual outlook of a space. Although a chair’s ergonomic features are always based on careful design, the final touches are made with personal adjustments. These adjustments must be varied and easy to use – especially so, when the same chair has many users.

A task chair is an integral part of the interior design of an office. Fortunately, a coherent appearance does not need to be created at the expense of comfort. Chairs can be easily modified by changing the padding or upholstery materials. Our extensive collection offers the perfect chair for all spaces and different users.

A good task chair is also a sustainable choice. High-quality materials and user-driven design will serve users for years to come.

Martela task chairs


In recent years, work methods and tools have changed immensely.  Laptops or flat screens, which take up much less space than CRT monitors, are much more widespread now. People also increasingly work in conference rooms, other common areas or at the customer's premises, reducing the role of workstations.

For the user a desk is nevertheless often much more than just a piece of furniture. In a busy office it can be a personal safe haven, marking out someone’s territory. In other words, there is a lot of emotion, in addition to reason, attached to a desk and this must be taken into account when making your selection.

With more than 85 desktop alternatives, 6 leg alternatives and more than 50 optional accessories, the Pinta table series forms  the basis of Martela’s line of workstations. Pinta offers almost limitless potential for furnishing offices to create a uniform appearance. The desktops are designed and dimensioned to suit modern ways of working and to create a spacious and light office environment.

The Canti and Alku desks are good examples of a new way of thinking. The design of the Canti desk focuses on its final touches, details and a diversity of material choices. Alku is a youthful, basic desk that functions as an independent unit and as a group made up of several desks. Although the Canti and Alku desks are different in character, they have a lot in common. They are stylish, easy to adjust and perfectly suited for the modern  office.

Martela desks


Studies have shown that one of the biggest distractions in an open plan office is the sound of people talking. By applying sound-dampening material to a screen, the movement of sound from one workstation to another can be effectively prevented in an open-plan office.
Our simple and stylish screen collection provides solutions for flexible space division. The acoustic features of the screens absorb sound, providing a pleasant and peaceful place to work.

Martela screens


Our versatile and high-quality storage furniture represent scandinavian design at its purest, which makes them easy to combine with various interiors. With a wide variety of material choices and optional accessories, you can create a storage unit to fit your needs.

Martela storage