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New technology and digitalisation come into use in the workplace

An intelligent workplace is a key to better employee and customer experience. An intelligent workplace and the services supporting it may have an impact on, for example, the fluency of work, agility for change, employee commitment and cost-efficiency. The services provided by Martela help you harness tacit knowledge and improve the wellbeing of your employees and the efficiency of your company. The Smart Workplace by Martela concept combines state-of-the-art technology, analytics and digitalisation with the design, implementation and optimisation of workplaces and learning environments and with overall thinking across the whole lifecycle.

Customer benefits:

- Easier and more efficient way of working
- Workplace supports changed working methods and culture
- Agile and continuously evolving workplace
- More motivated, healthy and committed employees
- Cost-efficient and productive workplace
- Objective data to support decision-making
- More responsible workplace and learning environmenD

Martela Dynamic services for smarter workplaces

With real-time data, analytics and IoT services, the workplace can be continuously improved on the basis of user insights, experiences and changing needs. Our services and solutions use sensors and technology to visualise on dashboards, displays or mobiles information that is essential to the end user, such as how the office premises are used. The data can be analysed in real time to develop the workplace and to provide a better understanding of which spaces need to be expanded and which are being underused.

Smart solutions provide employees with services that ease the use of the premises. Employees can see, for example, which workstations are currently available or where a colleague is in the premises. The solutions can also be used to report any shortcomings in the workplace, for example when a meeting room is too cold, when any technology is missing or to give feedback to develop the operations.

The Martela Dynamic offering is based on solutions which utilise sensors and analytics, and Martela Lifecycle services, and is part of Martela’s Smart Workplace concept.

Easier working

How often do you struggle with an inefficient flow of information?

Even though physical and virtual workplaces should promote efficient working and wellbeing, nearly a fifth of knowledge workers' working hours is consumed by various drains on time and energy. Modern knowledge work should be free from the constraints of time, place and device, and the workplace should play a key role in this freedom.

Technology may help employees manage themselves or improve their wellbeing. In an intelligent workplace, people work more effortlessly thanks to, among other things, a proper system for booking space. Time is not wasted trying to find a workstation, locker, colleague or meeting room. The quality of meetings also improves when technology serves the users and not vice versa. An intelligent workplace provides every worker with the ideal space for the task at hand. People’s efficiency also improves when they have functioning areas for work which calls for concentration as well as areas for teamwork, relaxation and interaction.

Intelligent furniture solutions lead to better ergonomics – your office chair collects data on your movements during the working day, and an application coaches you and, when necessary, reminds you when you have been sitting too long. By utilising technology and digitalisation, a workplace becomes a genuine service and a tool for improving productivity, innovations and occupational wellbeing.



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Agilely changing workplace

Does the workplace serve your organization's current or future needs?

Changes in working methods and needs also require the workplace to be renewed. In workplace development it must be ensured that the physical and digital environment supports the working culture and its requirements. Today, change is a continuous state and successful organisations are known for their agility for change. This characteristic is also an essential definition of intelligent workplaces, and at best a workplace can be an important tool for change management.

Martela’s Workplace as a Service (WaaS) is a continuous service through which we develop workplaces that constantly meet organizations’ needs. The Martela team is also responsible for the implementation of the workplace and its continuous optimisation. Due to the service model there’s no need to guess the needs for the forthcoming years.


Optimisation means regular maintenance, monitoring and action to ensure that the workplace develops with the organisation. On the basis of usage and user data, for example, we can further develop the workplace to meet everyone’s needs. The Dynamic Asset Management Service collects the furniture data of the organisation in one user interface, reducing the amount of useless investments, increasing transparency and enabling the recycling and utilisation of extra furniture.



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More motivated employees

What is the employees' relationship with their workplace?

The success of the best organisations is drawn from talented and, above all, motivated people. A workplace is an important means by which an employer shows that it is committed to its staff.

An intelligent workplace makes every day work easier and working more user-friendly, and helps people to focus on the task at hand. A well-designed workplace enables planned and unplanned encounters between people and creates a foundation for a sense of community, which commits people to their work community.

By making it possible for employees to provide feedback and by regularly collecting data and by developing the workplace on the basis of this data, you ensure that your employees will remain motivated in the future.

More cost-efficient workplaces

Do you know whether the various spaces and workplaces meet the needs and how often they are utilised?

Knowledge leadership is the key to efficient management. Since the workplace is the second largest cost item for most organisations, an intelligent workplace offers an opportunity to improve the efficiency of the organisation. Workplaces are full of tacit knowledge, which can be utilised to support proper functioning of the organisation. It is important that the information, which is of essence in terms of the goals, is identified from amongst big data, and that it is presented in a clear form and applied in practice. To make it possible, when necessary, to quickly realise change, real-time data must be available.

At best, careful specification and planning of a workplace, monitoring of use, and optimisation means savings of hundreds of thousands of euros each month in rental, service and maintenance, for example. In addition to the workspaces, storage solutions have also been designed for the organisation's needs. Knowledge-based design improves the flow of information in physical and digital workplaces. When employees encounter each other as part of their normal daily work, separate meeting rooms are no longer needed for all decisions.

Utilisation and storage rates can be monitored with sensors or by observing them, making it possible to evaluate the functioning of the use of the premises. The Dynamic Asset Management Service collects the organisation’s furniture data in one user interface, reducing the amount of useless purchases, increasing transparency and enabling the recycling of surplus furniture. Unnecessary maintenance costs will also be reduced.

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Case Cybercom

Cybercom wanted to focus on the company’s employees in their main office on Sveavägen in Stockholm. With the help of Martela Dynamic Solutions, Tengbom was able to design an activity-based office characterized by functionality, creativity and harmony.

“We had many good reasons to choose the activity-based approach. First and foremost it is about our culture. Cybercom has a marked sustainability profile and a strong focus on employees. We want to stand out with our emphasis on the individual and surround ourselves with dedicated employees. Therefore it is very important that they enjoy their work and choose to stay with us. We saw that by offering them a new, creative work environment we gave them the possibility of even greater involvement and participation.”

Because Cybercom wanted to fully utilize the activity-based solution, they chose Martela Dynamic to complement the other changes.

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See a real life example - case PwC

In PwC's new office in Bergen, Norway activity based working has been taken all the way.

"Martela Dynamic Solutions for storage and workstations provide optimal availability and support employees in their daily work.
For our business , the solution is perfect."
"The goal is that it should contribute to increased learning , collaboration, innovation and efficiency" , says Director Geir Inge Lunde.

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