Deskless classroom

What is a deskless learning environment?

Martela’s deskless learning environment has none of the traditional school desks that are heavy and awkward to move around. The deskless classroom still has usable surfaces and tables, but these are easy to move, can be used in different ways and are conveniently adjustable for each user.

What is Inspiring School?

The Inspiring School concept is all about inspirational, user-oriented learning environments. These inspiring spaces facilitate learning and participation, allow individual needs to be taken into account, enable adaptations for IT and promote more versatile use of the space.

Why is Martela developing learning environments?

The working environment has a decisive role when it comes to comfort and work efficiency at workplaces. The same is true for schools regarding comfort, working and learning. It is important that schools are in step with the rest of society. Under Martela’s approach, the comfort of learning environments has a lot in common with comfort in the home and future workplaces.. A deskless learning environment better enables nurturing of a range of skills that will be in demand in society and the workplace. It also encourages learners to engage in social interaction, group work and project work, all of which are significant skills in today’s workplaces. In recent years, the understanding of ergonomics has also changed radically. We humans were not designed to stay still, so there is no reason why we ought to sit in the same position all day at school. When a child switches from a seated to a standing position, his or her blood circulates better, the brain is activated and thought processes are stimulated.

What age groups are best suited to the deskless learning environment?

Due to the flexibility of the concept, the deskless environment is suitable for learners of all ages. When tables and chairs can be conveniently placed in suitable positions for any user, the same learning space can be used by people of any age. In many schools, teachers’ meetings are often now in deskless classrooms, which is a good example of the versatility of such spaces. Deskless learning environments can be used outside the school day too, such as for adult education or various club activities, ensuring that the school property is not standing unnecessarily idle during non-school hours.

Will deskless classrooms change how teachers work?

The teacher-pupil relationship will become more of an interactive relationship. The teacher will not necessarily have a workstation in front of the class but will circulate around the classroom, depending on the lesson in question. This will lead to more work being performed together and lessons that are more stimulating, and will facilitate more individual guidance for learners. In a deskless learning environment there is more opportunity to move around and the space can be modified according to need, leading to more effective learning. The deskless classroom can also be converted into a space resembling the more traditional classroom if the need arises.

What demands does a deskless learning environment place on the space in question?

A deskless learning environment can be tailored for any type of space, which means there are no special requirements for the room concerned.

How will a deskless classroom transform the learning environment?

A classroom free of traditional desks will be more a more appealing environment. Comfortable sofas or bean bags will enhance learning events. A deskless classroom will encourage learners to engage in group work and will support the development of social interaction skills and adoption of project work methods. New interior design solutions also enable more effective installation of IT and virtual learning facilities.

What kind of furniture works well in deskless classrooms?

Schoolchildren are also individuals with differing needs. Chairs should be adjustable to the needs of the user, and tables should be height-adjustable to suit the needs of seated or standing users. The main thing is that the furniture should not be static but should allow learners to alter their working posture or position, which has ergonomic benefits. Furniture that is comfortable will support the motivation to learn. If the learning environment is to support each learning event optimally, it must be possible to move and turn furniture easily and quietly. This is why Martela’s tables and chairs have castors.

Can deskless classrooms be customised according to the wishes of users?

The Inspiring School concept allows customisation through dialogue with users, that is teachers, headmasters and pupils. The aim is to incorporate their wishes and requirements into the practical solutions for the spaces in question. Each solution is therefore a unique package.

Does the learning environment affect the motivation to study?

The nature of the learning environment is of considerable significance for facilitating learning. The design of the space can inspire the learner to acquire information in different ways and enable learning of a variety of skills.s. If pupils do not have their own desks, this will certainly lead them to develop their social and group working skills. If tables can be moved around and combined without difficulty, pupils can learn to work in groups of different sizes. The attractiveness of the interior design and the level of pupil comfort are also significant factors in the motivation to learn.

Will the Inspiring School concept affect the wellbeing of pupils and teachers?

We know that too much sitting down is not good for you. In the deskless learning environment, pupils and teachers have many different options for their working position and type of furniture, and the furniture is easily adjustable, which provides ergonomic benefits. The deskless learning environment also supports a new way of teaching, where the teacher is no longer leading the class from the front but interacts more with the pupils and engages in guiding each individual. This will avoid the familiar voice strain suffered by many teachers. The inspiring learning environment also features attractive furniture materials and interior design solutions, which will help boost mental wellbeing.

How much does a deskless learning environment cost?

Deskless learning environments are always tailored to the wishes of the customer and users, which means that the range of prices is very wide. In many cases, the interior design solutions for a deskless classroom are no more expensive than for a traditional classroom.

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